UTC-05:00,Sunday , June 07th 2020

24H News Roundup Apr 6: The Bank Of Korea Has Conducted A Pilot Program For Issuing CBDC

18:22 Monday , April 06th 2020
1. The Bank of Korea has conducted a pilot program for issuing the CBDC with a period of 22 months to check the central bank's ability to issue such currencies;
2. The Cyber Security Section of the Seoul Police Department in South Korea said on Apr 6 that in response to the Nth Room Case, from 02:30 UTC the seizure search warrants against 20 crypto exchanges and trading agency companies will be executed in sequence.
1. Brave browser's BAT token will be listed on the crypto exchange Gemini later this month.
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1. A New York law firm filed class-action lawsuits against nearly a dozen top crypto companies, including Binance, BitMEx, Civic, and Tron;
2. Crypto trading company Coinhouse has become the first crypto company to be registered with France's top financial regulator, the Financial Markets Authority (AMF)
1. HackenAI issued the open beta of the HackenAI App, which is available for iOS and Android users;
2. Charles Hoskinson claimed people can find out who Satoshi Nakamoto is by using stylometry, a term for the analysis of handwriting or analysis of the writing;
3. "I think IEOs are dumb and we should be looking into DAO crowdfunding anyway," Vitalik Buterin voiced on Twitter;
4. Roger Ver said that only, approximately, 10% of Bitcoin.com staff had been let go as a result of the economic crisis.